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Are you a rough and rugged camper or a bougie glamper?

Well regardless of your preference, these are just suggestions of things to bring along for your weekend in the woods. Bring whatever it takes to ensure you have a comfortable weekend.

Blankets/pillows/sleeping bag
Clothing/Good walking shoes
(Bring at least one set of warm clothing as this time of year the weather is pretty unpredictable.)
Bug Spray
Fishing poles/Bait  if you wish to participate in Fishing Contest
Bow and arrows if you wish to participate in Archery Contest
Wasp spray (handy as the cabins sometimes have wasp nests on the outside of the windows)
Toilet paper
Box fan
Board games/card games/dice/etc
Outdoor games (badminton/soccer ball/kick ball/etc)
​Trash bags for your debris
Poncho – weather is always unpredictable but the weekend festivities are rain or shine!